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Branch Chipping in Sydney

A branch of a tree or wood is cut by the wood chipping machine to shred it into small pieces. These shredded pieces of wood are Mulch or wood chips.

Chipping and mulching are great ways to get rid of the excess material of the tree. Chipping and mulching of the excess garden waste free up the garden space. One can also reuse the discarded materials. But not all the chip materials are safe. If removal of the tree is due to a disease, it’s better not to reuse such trees. This is the job of a professional an reliable tree service company like All Sydney Tree.

The trees that are healthy are of great value for garden cover. Compost made from wood chips and mulch helps to create a nutrient boost to your gardens.

Professional chipping machines can handle branches up to 20 inches in diameter. They can provide mulch. Mulch enriches the soil and helps to maintain proper drainage structure. Mulch garden is much healthier than a regular garden. They can withstand drought conditions.

There are many branch chipping companies available in Sydney with professionals. But before choosing a random company don’t forget to check their reviews and services. We have high-quality wood chippers to turn the branches into wood chips.

Branch Chipping Guide: 

  • Cut the branches such a way that the length comes between 4 and 14 feet.
  • Place them with the cut side facing the street.
  • Stack the branches.
  • Branches between 2 to 5 inches are chippable branches.
  • One can break and place those branches in the yard waste bag which are smaller than 2-inch diameter.
  • Branches bigger than 4 inches do not fit the chipper.

Professional branch chipping services in Sydney are an excellent problem solver for homeowners. One should hire professional tree removal services that can help in a matter of hours. All Sydney Tree solves all your problems much faster than other usual service providers.

  • It saves a lot of time
  • It’s cost-effective
  • Prevents unwanted injuries
  • Maintains cleanliness

Wooden chipper safety tips:

  • Wear Safety gears – One should wear eye protection and ear protection gears. These machines are very loud. Use steel-enforced boots for chipping.
  • What to chip – Chippers are designed in such a way that they chip woods and branches easily. They are not designed to chip metal or plastic. These are exclusively designed to clip the branches only.
  • Be careful around the chipper machine. One should avoid using hands while pushing the branches.
  • If the machine clogs, you have to turn it off first.
  • Keep kids and pets at a safe distance from the chipper.

Features to look in for a wood chipper

  • Chipping Capacity is the first feature to look into the chipper. Machines having larger chipper capacity are expensive. Chipping larger branches puts stress on the machine. So, it is essential to be realistic while choosing the size of the chipper.
  • The capacity of the chipper relates to the power of the machine. The chipping capacity entirely depends on the power. One needs to find the correct balance between power and capacity of the chipping machine. 
  • Portability is another important aspect.
  • The size of the hopper is another crucial factor. 

All Sydney Tree has experienced professionals who can solve all your requirements at the most competitive price range. Call us today to get a free quote.

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