Frequently Asked Questions about Tree Services

Why does one need a multi-service company?

When it is about trees, it is not limited to only one factor. There are several sectors which require immediate care. An efficient tree servicing company may help you in pruning, removal, stumping and grinding. You should look out for a tree company that can serve its clients regarding the knowledge of multiple services.

Apart from that, these multi-service companies also offer landscape installation services which help in taking care of plants and providing an excellent environment outdoors. They can help you maintain the space and keep away all the pests and unnecessary insects. We offer ongoing maintenance, and we also solve all your problems.

What is a certified arborist?

Well, this one is a term that tends to confuse a lot of people. A certified arborist is a professional who has extensive knowledge regarding trees, pesticides, woody plants care, planting safety and all the other technical matters. People who try to pursue arborists should clear off a lengthy exam. The level of difficulty of this exam usually differs from one place to another. Various tree servicing companies have professionals who can offer the best services with proper expertise and standards.

Why should I plant trees in my property?

There are several reasons and benefits of planting trees in your property. The most significant of all is the beauty that it adds to the house. Trees play an important role in beautifying your sweet home. With each changing season, the condition of the leaves changes too. Mostly during the spring, when the new flower blooms, it is one scenic beauty worth watching. The natural cycle of a tree is a constant reminder of the period of the tree.

Moreover, the growing tree becomes a part of the house. Apart from it, the trees also help in serving a lot of health benefits. It actually enhances the air quality and ensures more release of fresh oxygen. It will help you and your family members to stay healthy and fit. The environmental conditions of your surroundings would go way up with trees.

Will the trees fall?

The risk management and analyzation are what the tree servicing companies are for. The certified arborist would be able to help you regarding the age of the tree. With the growing age, trees become highly prone to damage mostly structural damage. You should call for a certified arborist to come and check if the tree near your property is at risk or facing any danger or not. Moreover, they will also help you analyze all the possibilities which may occur due to the falling tree.

What is the age of the tree?

Often people are confused regarding the age of the tree and thus call for the professionals to help them out. Some of the trees can live up to centuries depending on the species and environment. Not many know, but in the thick forests, there are a lot of trees which are hundreds of year old. If you know the outdoor environment and history, you may be able to determine the age of the tree to some extent. However, if you want to know the exact age of the tree, you should count the rings on it after it is cut down.

Why should a tree company have insurance?

Working with trees is a hazardous and dangerous job. Thus, instead of doing it on your own you should call for professional help. The liability insurance is required because it offers protection to the homeowners. It also protects the working tree professionals and the property of the owner from any risk of damage.

The compensation provided by these insurances helps to protect the professionals while they are on their duty. You should check the proof of the coverage before hiring any tree company. Make sure you check all the details before hiring a company. However, if you have any doubt, you can confirm it from the insurance company.